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Paulette (7/8/13)

Lisa!  Thanks so much for getting our new charms done so quickly.  Marta came a little early so we have already added her to our necklaces.  Our necklace have been so much for for my daughter and myself.  Thanks agin.  

Patty (11/28/13)

Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and "customer relationship"!  My daughter is thrilled about the results and she wears her new necklace every day!

Molly (2/4/14)

Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for helping me to complete my charm necklace.  

Molly (1/27/14)

I just got it today. I love it ! Better than I thought! Cant wait to show my friends. 

Andrea from Adventura, FL (1/20/2014) my awesome gift in the mail today, she'll love are outstanding in many ways. Very Best

Frank Ball, a very happy customer Dec. 4, 2014

You absolutely outdid yourself with this charm.  I love it in every way.  I love the way it turns on the jump ring, I love the beads next to it instead of on top of it.  I love every aspect of it.

Barbara from Conroe, TX  11/5/2013

Hi Lisa - THANK YOU so much.  I received my bracelet on Tuesday and I Love it!!.  It fits just rightand I am so happy with it.  Thanks for your beautiful work - so glad I met you at the Edina Fall Artsshow.  Happy Fall! 

Nancy L. from Plymouth, MN  11/7/2013

Just got my necklace. I love it!!! Great job!!!!

Kandi B. from Solon Springs, WI  11/8/13

This is a correspondence via our website contact form:

Hi Lisa, I purchased a silver 20" block style neckace from you at the stone arch festival earlier this year. Well, it happened. I woke up this morning and the charm went running down my chest. I thought it may gotten unhooked, but it seems to have broke right in the middle. Could you advise me what I should do next. Thank you, Barry

Dear Barry,  Sorry about your chain breaking. We do stand behind what we sell. Just pop the broken chain into the mail, with a copy of your receipt & $3.00 and we'll get you out a new chain ASAP. You can send it all to the address below.  Lisa

Dear Lisa, Got the chain. Thank you. Will heed your advise. I really appreciate your customer service.

Barry A., Minnetrista, MN  10/30/13

By the way, we are proud to boast a 100% satisfaction rating!  If you do enounter an issue with your order from Lisa Nelson Designs, we want to be the first to hear about it so that we can help to resolve the issue.